2018 Rider Registration -Race Class,Race Number and Emergency contact details

2018 Enduroland Rider Registration

Monday January 1st – Monday December 31st 2018

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Adult rider Registration 2018 RaceXC
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Adult RaceXC registration
Kids/youth rider Registration 2018 RaceXC
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2018 youth RaceXC registration

This is a FREE registration for kids/youth and adults to reserve your race numbers and class for 2018 .

Current as of 22nd November 2017 

Ladies class added again for 2018 .subject to min 3 females booked for Round One 

2018 Putoline RaceXC reserved numbers .

These numbers will be locked off on the timing system and designated to the named racer shown

Please be aware the Saturday 125cc Youth racers may need to change race numbers if competing in the Sunday Adults race as well .

We are insisting on front numbers and both sides 


Hi guys .

Still steaming ahead with next year's pre registered race numbers .We have a few still not sorted -duplicates etc so please get in touch and choose a new number if your race number is missing .

Once again we are appealing for riders to contest the Tough Guy on the 3rd December and with so much interest in racing with us we can't believe this event isnt sold out as yet !

You guys are the club now and we really need your support for these events with the big picture being a potential venue loss if it's not used. ..... ..a tragedy ! 

Please book and race or practice if you can -the Saturday also needs support with a big rethink on Kads going to happen if the kids and dads events are returned to their former glory  


2018 race numbers Updates as of Wednesday 22nd November .

Over 20 new and novice racers join the club for 2018 .

Fabulous -giving them their own class and start grid with nearly 2 more months remaining to preregister .braaaap 

Wow !!! Look at the 125cc Youth class with 10 plus entries .

What a class this is going to be in 2018. Not forgetting these guys are eligible for a free Sunday adult race as well .beat that ! 

Anyone else want to start racing with our grassroots club get booked here.

2018 Putoline RaceXC reserved numbers .

These numbers will be locked off on the timing system and designated to the named racer shown IF USED AT ROUND ONE -IF NOT THE NUMBER WILL BE AVAILABLE NOW TO ANY RIDER DURING THE SEASON .

Please be aware the Saturday 125cc Youth racers may need to change race numbers if competing in the Sunday Adults race as well .

We are insisting on front numbers and both sides for 2018 .


Adult RaceXC (Sunday) 

2 hour race 9.30am-11.30am plus 5.5 hours practice 

501 John Parker Sportsman 

95 William Gorringe Sportsman 

121 Andrew Perring Vets 

204 Kirk Giles Clubman Plus 

45 Antony Heatley Masters 

78 Travis Field 125cc Open 

88 Steven Elliott Clubman 

312 Chris Bailey Clubman 

203 Jadyn Giles Nov/New or 125cc Open 

23 Gary Curtis Clubman 

222 Ross Higgins Sportsman 

7 Marcus Humphreys Vets 

30 Graham Maunder Experts

52 Chris Day Vets 

83 Aston Day Experts

55 Vernon Bloomfield Masters 

56 Aaron Bloomfield Experts 

278 Nick Connolly Sportsman 

64 Phil Dearden Masters 

Olivia Knight 125cc Open 

59 Gareth Roberts Vets 

37 Josh Buckley Clubman Plus 

36 Simon Buckley Vets 

34 Pawel Domanski Vets 

193 Kyle Saunders 125cc Open 

77 Darren Hill Masters 

66 Darren Carter Masters 

700 Danny Clarke Vets 

511 Steve Cornelius

33 Steve Grabowski Vets 

31 Daniel Miles Clubman 

22 Max Brown 125cc Open 

224 Warren Brown Vets

11 Ross Dover Masters 

19 James Dover Clubman 

Jacob Roper 125cc Open 

35 Tony Chawner Clubman 

46 Paul Belton Experts 

100 Pete Jones Vets 

96 Jordon Saunders Sportsman 

902 Shaun Parker Novice /New 

500 Toby Hall Experts

197 Ray Otoka Clubman 

149 Chris Hill Clubman Plus 

123 Mark Glover Masters 

124 Mick Dyson Masters 

44 James Palmer Clubman 

15 Jason Frieberg Vets 

502 Simon Marshall Sportsman 

14 Stuart Westcott Vets 

177 Gary Butler Sportsman

Danny Davis Expert  

116 Ben Hovell Clubman 

259 James Carnegie Novice/ New 

115 Wayne Haywood Vets

17 Neil Richardson Vets  

99 Martin Gunton Vets 

212 Archie Gunton 125cc Open 

5 Mark Elden Clubman 

84 Gregory Frieberg Masters 

51 Dave Brown Masters 

131 Darren Brammer Novice/New 

47 Richard Wright Masters 

117 Reilly Dennison 125cc Open 

777 George Dennison Masters 

41 Stephen Hodder Vets 

1 Tim Hammond Experts 

327 Mick Belcher Masters 

32 Jamie Collins Experts

101 Keith Stocklade Experts

24 Andrew Simmonds Sportsman 

16 Alan King Masters 

18 Riley Canterbury Novice /New 

111 Barry Stoyle Masters 

58 Wayne Burns 125cc Open 

416 Paul Stanton Sportsman 

848 Kelvin Burrows Clubman 

999 Aiden Burrows Clubman 

126 Alan Emslie Clubman 

42 Jason Barnes Novice/New 

8 Carl Squire Sportsman 

Gavin Kirkwood Sportsman 

89 Dan Norris Sportsman 

345 Darren Bedford Vets 

250 Paul Muysert Masters 

926 Andy Hunter Novice/ New 

221 Garth Meyer Clubman 

40 Kyle Lane Experts 

2 Dan Johnston Expert 

181 Matt Orton Vets 

14 Lee Broughton Sportsman 

137 Glen Richardson Novice/New 

251 Rich Heslop Experts 

48 Gary Pilbeam Clubman 

57 David Hines Novice/New 

616 Sam Woods Novice/New 

139 Joe Barnes Sportsman 

Paul Terry Clubman 

Daniel Rogers Novice/New 

817 Stephen Gentry Novice/New 

247 Paul Clarke Clubman 

3 William Parish Novice/New 

6 Mark Green Vets 

160 Carl Williams Sportsman 

666 Daniel Rogers Novice/New 

811 Danny Woodford Novice/New 

961 Jono Taylor Novice/new

31 Peter Beedell Vets

98 Brandon Date 125cc Open 

Bryan Moore Novice/New 

515 Josh Woods Novice/New 

888 Mark Seldon Sportsman 

202 Jackie Fletcher Novice/New 

73 Justin Fletcher Sportsman 

182 Andrew Dale Novice/New 

240 Ant Jode Novice/New 

Jake Slocombe 125cc Open 

76 Richard Peck Masters 

62 Tom Parkes Clubman 

70 Wayne Parkes Masters.

174 Simon Wright Clubman 

113 Jack Hillaby Clubman

361 Les Robinson Masters 

£100 club raffle (no membership in 2018) 

Your number will now be allocated on arrival on the day You must be at the presentation to collect the prize in person or redraw same day .first 100 to sign at registration on the day .

Youth RaceXC (Saturday) 

1.5 hour race 10am-11.30am plus 5.5 hours practice plus Youth Endurocross X Sprint Trophy at all rounds where possible.

23 Paul Parker 85cc SW 

120 Jack Sandland 85cc SW 

78 Travis Field 125 Youth (14-16) 

202 Reece Giles 65cc 

203 Jadyn Giles 125cc Youth (14-16)

158 Kieran Maunder 65cc 

204 Olivia Knight 125cc Youth (14-16) 

199 Josh Knight 85cc SW 

193 Kyle Saunders 125cc Youth (14-16) 

311 Joe Cornelius 85cc BW 

1 John Stanley 85cc SW 

8 Henry Life 85cc SW 

22 Max Brown 125cc Youth (14-16) 

7 Myles Taylor 125cc Youth (14-16)

11 Jacob Roper 125cc Youth (14-16)

48 Finlay Roper 50cc/auto

46 Eddie Belton 65cc

12 William Belton 85cc BW

77 Reece Parker 65cc

17 Riley Hill 65cc 

71 Rhys Hill 65cc 

44 Lucas Marshall 65cc 

72 Jayden Westcott 85cc SW

777 Cameron English 85cc BW 

212 Archie Gunton 125cc Youth (14-16) 

100 Esme Sharp 65cc 

49 Morgan Kent 85cc BW 

117 Reilly Dennison 125cc (14-16)

237 Flynn Dennison 85cc BW 

444 Freddy Hodder 85cc SW 

5 Archie Date 85cc BW

21 Leo Corbett 85cc SW 

20 Joe Corbett 85cc SW 

29 Archie Pottinger 50cc/auto

436 Jack Middleton 50cc /Auto

98 Brandon Date 125cc((14-16) 

210 Callum Hughes 85cc SW 

66 Jake Slocombe 125cc (14-16) 

298 Ben Green 85cc SW 

Youth Club £50 raffle (no membership in 2018) your raffle number will be allocated on arrival on the day 

You must be at the presentation on the day to collect your prize in person or redraw on the day.

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Starts: Monday, January 1st 2018 at 12:00am
Ends: Monday, December 31st 2018 at 11:00pm

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Bookings close: January 31st 2018


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