Combat Day 29th June

Combat Day 29th June

Saturday June 29th 2019 – Doors open at 9:00am
Combat Airsoft - Thetford

Site Rules

Site Rules

By booking a game and attending our site you agree to follow the below rules. These rules are for your safety and enjoyment so please follow them, anyone found to be in breach of the rules will be referred to the head marshal who will make a decision as to whether to remove you from the game or site.

1) Face Protection - We recommend the use of full-face protection for all players. Face protection is defined as adequate protection designed for use in airsoft that covers the Eyes, Mouth and Nose of the individual and can be securely fastened to the wearer’s head. Never remove your eye protection in the game field unless expressly told to by a marshal. In the event your eye protection malfunctions you are to immediately cover your eyes with your hands and call "CEASE FIRE!" as loud as you can.

2) Eye Protection - Persons over the age of 18 may wear only eye protection should they so wish but do so entirely at their own discretion. Any player wearing just eye protection must understand that should they sustain any injury to the face that Combat Airsoft cannot be held liable.

3) Safe Zones - Specific areas of the site are classed as safe zones and are areas where members of the public are liable to be. These areas will be highlighted to you during the safety briefing. When you are in these areas you must NOT:

·       Dry Fire your weapon (pull the trigger without a magazine in)

·       Load your weapon

·       Point your weapon at any person or animal, Keep your weapon pointed in a safe direction

4) FPS Limits - All weapons brought onto site must operate within the below limits. Weapons will be choreographed before play can commence. All weapons will be choreographed with a 0.20g bb.

·       Fully Automatic Weapons, Shotguns and Pistols- 350 fps (feet per second)

·       Semi Automatic Weapons (Fire a single bb with every trigger pull) 450 fps with a 20 meter minimum engagement distance

·       Bolt Action Weapons (Requires reloading after each shot) 500 fps with a 20 meter minimum engagement distance

5) Hit Taking - Airsoft is an honesty-based sport and requires all players to show sportsmanship and play fairly. When you are hit or even if you are unsure if you were hit you are to immediately call a hit. Do this by raising your hand in the air and shouting "HIT!" keeping your hand in the air retreat back to your respawn area and follow the respawn rules. Be sure to call out before exiting a building or barricade that you are leaving by shouting "Dead Player Coming Out" this will avoid the likeliness of being hit again when exiting a structure.

6) Dead Players Do Not Talk - If you have been hit you are to remain silent until you respawn and must not indicate to other team members the location of enemy players.

7) Overkills - If a player has called a hit and is retreating to respawn do not continue to fire on them. If you get within 5 meters of a player do not spray the player with a full auto burst it only takes one or two bb's to hit a player.

8) Blind Firing - Operate your weapon safely. When shooting your weapon you should always be looking down the sights. Never fire from the hip, round a barricade, through a window/door without having the weapon held safely.

9) Do Not Argue With a Marshal - Our marshals are professionals and are there specifically for your safety and to ensure fair play. Never argue with a marshal’s decision. Players who dispute a marshal’s decision are to bring the issue to the attention of the head marshal in a calm manner who will make a final decision on the matter. Players who consistently argue with the marshals will be removed from the game field.

10) Cease Fires - In the event of an emergency or a member of the public straying into a field of play without adequate eye protection will result in a cease-fire being called. If you need a cease fire or hear cease fire called by another player you are to shout "CEASE FIRE!" to confirm you have heard the request, do not move around the field, switch your weapon to safe and point it towards the ground. Do not approach the cause of the cease-fire, as a marshal will address it. Once the cause has been cleared a marshal and only are marshal will resume the game by calling "3...2...1...GAME ON!"

11) Mags Out, Guns Clear - After a game and before heading to the safe area or removing your face protection a marshal will instruct you to Mag Out, Gun Clear. When hearing this command you are to eject the magazines from any weapon you have and fire a few shots into the ground to make sure the weapon is clear. Set the gun to safety and hold your magazine or a hand in the air as a visual indicator you are safe. The marshal will then ensure all players are safe and instruct you further.

12) Surrender - In the event you find you have got within two meters of a player you are able to give them an option to surrender. To do this point your weapon at the player and give the command "Surrender" if the player surrenders they are to leave the field and return to their designated respawn. If the player attempts to draw their weapon you will have the option to fire, if you do only fire 1 bb at them. Avoid a headshot there will be no excuse for a headshot at this range and you will be asked to leave the field.

13) Headshots - Avoid headshots were ever possible.

14) Knife Kills - The use of dummy plastic/rubber knives is allowed on site, however real knives are to be left at home DO NOT bring a real bladed weapon. Should you sneak up on a enemy player and are within range of touching them with your knife tap them on the shoulder and whisper "knife kill" to let them know they have been knife killed. DO NOT draw the knife across their throat; pretend to stab them or any other similar action. 

15) Vandalism - All of our game fields are built for your enjoyment. Please do not damage them by jumping in, over or through obstacles. Please do not move obstacles. Anyone found to be maliciously vandalising areas of the game fields will be removed from the site, will be liable to pay for repair and in extreme circumstances the relevant authorities may be notified.

16) Trip Hazards - All of our game fields are situated within wooded environments and the use of boots with ankle support is advised. Please be careful of your footing when running from one area to another, as trip hazards may be present.

17) Verbal and Physical Abuse - We do not tolerate any kind of verbal or physical abuse. Any player found to be abusing another player or member of staff for any reason will be removed from site and the relevant authorities may be notified.

18) Drugs and Alcohol - Only prescribed medication is allowed on site. Anyone found under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be removed from site. Please keep any required medication or emergency medication such as epi pens or inhalers in your top left pocket so our first aiders can find in should the need arise.

19) Health and Wellbeing - If you have any medical condition such as asthma, allergies, physical conditions or any other medical condition please notify the marshals when booking in making sure to note the condition on the waiver form provided. Do not attend a game if you are pregnant, are affected by loud noises, have a heart condition or any other serious condition that may be worsened by physical activity.


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