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Terms & Conditions for 2019 Light Horse NON-HOYS Entry - LATE ENTRY ONLINE ONLY



Personal Information Consent — Entrants


In order to provide a professional and effective service to competitors and entrants to Ashbourne Show, we need to keep a record of personal information. This is information such as your name, contact details and age, and possibly those of family members if appropriate. You may also provide us with dietary or other medical information that will allow us to ensure your safety and convenience whilst at Ashbourne Show.


The Ashbourne Shire Horse Society respects your privacy and will only use your data for the provision, communication and processing of your entry and other requirements and for providing you with information regarding future Shows and events. Entrants information will be published  within the Show Catalogue, and provided to the relevant breed societies and professional and regulatory bodies as necessary and prize-winners will be listed on our website and elsewhere.  

We will not otherwise share your personal data with other third parties without your prior consent unless required to do so by law. All personal information is treated as private and confidential, it is recorded electronically on a database and/or in a paper file. You have the right to see any information that we hold about you, and to have your details removed.

By entering online you are confirming that you  have read and understood the information above, are permitted to provide personal information about any other person included in this entry and give written consent for The Ashbourne Shire Horse Society to hold and to use this personal information in order to provide entrant/competitor services safely and efficiently.




1. All exhibits must be bona-fide property of the exhibitor and also carry the correct number.

2. All exhibitors are reminded that they compete at their own risk and that they should have legal liability insurance.

3. The judge’s decision shall be final and the Council reserves the right to withhold any prise. if, in the opinion of the judges, the exhibits do not possess sufficient merit.

4. All prize money will be paid out on the day of the show from the cash office. Prize Money will be allocated as follows 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes will all be paid in all classes. 4th 8 -12, 5th 13-17, and 6th 18 plus entries. Please note Prize Money WILL NOT be paid out without the prize money voucher  awarded In the ring. Any uncollected prize money will be forfeited. Please note prize money will not be paid out until 1 hour after a Class has ended. Any disputes must be addressed with the light Horse Secretary and may be resolved after the show.

5. The Society reserves the right to alter the schedule at its discretion or to merge classes it there are insufficient exhibitors. Entry fees will be refunded for any event cancelled.

6. All exhibitor wishing to lodge a protest in respect of any animal exhibited at the show in the Light Horse Section must do in writing within 60 minutes of completion of the class together with a deposit of £20. This sum shall be forfeit if, on investigation by the Council, the protest is not sustained.

7. The Council will not hold itself responsible for any loss or accident whatsoever' which may occur on the showground and all entries shall be deemed to have been made on this understanding.

8. Acknowledgement of entry forms, together with the necessary tickets, will be sent by the Secretary to enable exhibitors to check their entries have been received. If you do not receive this acknowledgement at least 7 days before the show, please contact the Light Horse Secretary.

9. Competitors are requested to take particular note of the times of their classes and to be ready in the collecting ring.

10. The Society reserves the right to have measured any horse or pony where there is a height stipulation and where Certificates issued under the Joint Measurement Scheme can not be produced as evidence of height. Where applicable, competitors may also l>e requested to produce birth certificates as proof of age.

1       Equine Flu We strongly advise that all entrants seek advice from their vet and that all animals are vaccinated and have up to date boosters before attending Ashbourne Show.

Do not send passports or vaccination records to the Secretary prior to the Show.

EQUINE PASSPORTS Exhibitors are required to have Passports for all horses/ponies when competing at the show for each of their exhibits.  Please ensure you have proof of this as random checks will be made.

12. All foals must be at least 3 weeks old. Stallions arid colts 2 years old or over must hold a Ministry of Agriculture, Breed Society or NPS Stallion licence, unless otherwise governed by their individual breed society. All handlers of stallions and colts 2 years old and over must be 14 years old or over.

13. If late entries are accepted, double  the entry fee will be charged, in accordance with the terms and conditions shown under the entry rules listed in this schedule.

14. Hard hats in accordance with breed society rules must be worn at all times when mounted. In unaffiliated classes; all riders must wear hats that meet current safety standards when mounted.           

Anyone aged 14 or younger must wear protective headgear.

1.5. The Society reserves the right to postpone. cancel, abandon or curtail the Show clue to ‘force majeure’ or otherwise at its absolute discretion. In no circumstance shall the Society be liable, in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise howsoever, and whatsoever the cause thereof (i) for any loss of profit, business, contracts, revenues, or anticipated savings, or (ii) for any special indirect or consequential damage or losses of any nature whatsoever.

For the purposes of this Condition, ‘Force Majeure ‘means fire, explosion, Flood, lightning, Act of God, act of terrorism, war, rebellion, riot, sabotage, or official strike or similar official labour dispute, or events or circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Society.

16. Classes 509, 510 & 537 are affiliated to The Sports Horse Breeding of Great Britain. The SHB(GB) requires all entries in these classes to be entered on their basic identity register.

1.       The Basic identity register is a one off lifetime register and the costs are;

a.       Foal £40 (basic identity)

b.       Older Horses £35 (basic identity)

c.       Overstamp of any other society's recognised passport £35

2.       The Show Hunter registration is for horses competing in a ridden qualifying class which is currently £42 for the horse and £77 for the owner & rider.

3.       3 Day Ticket = £36 [this entitles competitors to compete at a maximum of 2 shows in the year — it covers owner and rider membership together with horse registration for that show]. If the class is a qualifying class for RIHS, in order for the qualification to be valid, application for full owner/rider membership and horse registration must be received in the SHB(GB} office within 14 days.

It is strongly recommended that competitors aged I8 or over wear correctly secured Skull Caps/Riding Hats that meet one of the following current Safety Standards: All PAS 015; VG1; ASTM F1163 04a onwards; SNELL E2001; AS/NZS 3838 2003 onwards. It is mandatory for competitors under the age or 18 to wear such skull caps or hats. In the jumping phase of working hunter classes the aforementioned skull caps/riding hats must be worn.

17. Mountain and Moorland in hand ponies must be registered with their respective breed society to be eligible to compete & registration numbers must be stated on the entry form.

18. The pony's breed society registration number must be stated  when entering Heritage classes.

19.  Classes held under the rules of the British Show Horse Association. Horses must be registered with the Association and all Owners, Producers and Riders must be Association Members. Riders must be 15 years of age or older. Registration numbers must be quoted on the entry form.

Horses competing at the Horse of the Year Show and qualifying shows in The Hunter sections of The Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain classes at their Affiliated Shows cannot compete in Hack, Cobs and Riding Horse classes at the same show, on the same day and vice versa. This does not apply to SHB (GB) Ridden Sport Horse classes.

The three highest placed prize winners in all Open Affiliated classes will qualify to compete in the BSHA Classic Supreme classes at the National Championship Show 2019. With the exception of Hoys Hunter qualifiers.

Day Tickets - Non-Members may purchase a Day Ticket for classes 522, 523 & 526. They can have up to a maximum of 2 Day Tickets per Exhibitor, per Horse, per Rider, per season. A Day Ticket will allow entry into Amateur, Home Produced, In-Hand, Novice, Working, Young Rider and Open Affiliated classes only, but will NOT allow entry into RIHS or HOYS qualifying classes. Horses registered on a Day Ticket do not require a JMB height certificate. Competitors can apply for a Day Ticket by downloading an application form from the BSHA website.

The BSHA offer a Novice, Amateur and Young Rider Rosette in each Open class and a champion rosette for each section (with the exception HOYS Hunter classes). The Association will award an Amateur Home Produced rosette in all Affiliated Open cob classes (light and heavyweight only).

These Cob rosettes have been kindly sponsored by TSG, Mr L Turley. The awards will go down the line; there is no limit on how many of these rosettes can be claimed in a year. Please state on your entry form if you are eligible for these.

20.  The Horse of the Year Show Ridden Hunter and Working Hunter Classes, 501-504 & 511, are affiliated to The British Show Horse Association. Owners, Producers and riders must be members of the BSHA and all horses must be registered with the BSHA. Registration numbers must be quoted on entry form. Horses competing at the Horse of the Year Show and qualifying shows in The Hunter sections of The Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain classes at their Affiliated Shows cannot compete in Hack, Cobs and Riding Horse classes at the same show, on the same day and vice versa. This does not apply to SHB (GB) Ridden Sport Horse classes. Competitors must enter their horses in the appropriate weight section, but the judges shall have the power to transfer exhibits to a different section if they deem it necessary. Any horse which has qualified as a Grade A Showjumper or Advanced Event horse as at the 1st January in the current year is not eligible to compete in working hunter classes.

21. Classes 527-528 run under the rules of the RoR and all those entering horses and/or participating in the show agree to be bound by the Retraining of Racehorses Rules and Regulations from time to time in force. Horses should be ridden in a snaffle, pelham or simple double bridle. Horses should be plaited. All entries MUST be registered with the RoR and include their registration number on the entry form and have RACED in GB. All those entering horses and/or participating in the show agree to be bound by the RoR Rules and Regulations from time to time in force. Please be aware that the show will split the class on the horse’s last run in a race (NH or Flat) or will provide 2 ride judges should the entries exceed 20. Please mark your entry form accordingly. Competitors must wear a safety/kite mark hard hat with a chinstrap. Racing injuries and blemishes will NOT be ignored in this series.

22.  In the Private Driving classes, all horses and ponies to be 4yrs old and over. Young Driver – The driver must be aged 10 years or over on the first day of the show at which they are to compete.   A driver under the age of 18 must accompanied in the vehicle by a competent and responsible person aged 18 years or over, a “responsible adult”.  Proof of age will be required if necessary. It is the responsibility of the owner/drive (if over 18) or (if the owner/driver is under 18) the responsible adult to ensure that his/her groom/s is/are competent for the purpose of attending to the turnout and aged 10 or over on the day of the show. When in the vehicle grooms, passenger/s and driver must have their feet firmly on the floor of the vehicle or use a suitable fixed footrest. The regulations apply at all times and in all areas of the showground. Hard Hat Ruling – All drivers/grooms/passengers under the age of 14 years must wear a correctly fitted hard hat when in a carriage or in attendance to a turnout.

23.    NPS Qualifying Rounds: These classes are judged under the Rules of the NPS. Ponies must be registered in the main body of their respective Mountain & Moorland Stud Books. Part breds are not eligible for Mountain & Moorland Classes.

Qualifying rounds for most NPS competitions are open to ponies owned by NPS members and non-members but only ponies owned by adult NPS Qualifying or Life members are eligible to qualify for the final of the competition at the NPS Summer Championship Show at Malvern from 31st July -2nd August 2019

The highest placed pony, if owned by an NPS member, in each class will qualify for the final.    Qualification may pass down to third place if the first and second ponies are already qualified.

NPS/Rosettes Direct Home Produced Ridden Championship - Riders of Home Produced ponies (see definition in the NPS Rules Book) can wear a white arm band in classes where this is indicated. These ponies, if owned by NPS members, are then eligible to qualify for the final at the NPS Summer Championship Show. The Owner’s Membership cards MUST be produced in the ring when requested or the qualification will be forfeit.

24.      BSPS Classes - Please see Rule 45 regarding BSPS Hat Rule.

25.   Any competitor or animal on the showground deemed to be rude, dangerous, out of control or being mistreated can be approached and dealt with by any official of the Ashbourne Show. 

All Classes:

I confirm that by completing this booking I am certifying that I have received the Schedule and have read and understood the Regulations for the Society's Show contained therein. I confirm that the particulars given in this booking are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I agree to conform and abide by the rules and regulations of the Ashbourne Shire Horse Society and all DEFRA regulations whilst present at Ashbourne Show or on the Showground on show day or any other day. I confirm that any vehicle brought onto the site will be adequately insured and will be driven by a driver who is legally entitled to do so.

HOYS Classes:

I hereby acknowledge that before making these entries I have carefully read the rule and Regulations contained in teh rule book of the Horse of the Year Show and that I make these entries in accordance with them. I agree in all respects to comply with and be bound by these Rules and Regulations. I understand that the organisers of the Horse of the Year show nave no liability to me for accident, injury, damage, illness, disease or other loss occurring to my property and/or animals and shall only have liability to me for personal injury or death to the extent caused or contributed to by their negligence. I understand that I shall be responsible to the Organising team of the Horse of the Year Show, their, principles and Grandstand Media Ltd fo losses suffered by them to the extent that it arises from or is contributed to in any way by any act, neglect or omission by me or by any person for whom or of any animal for which I am responsible. I confirm that I have in place adequate, sufficient third party insurance cover for the participation at the Horse of the Year Show 2016. I agree to my details being used in conjunction with any Horse of the Year Show Qualifier or the final. I am also aware that I must comply with any additional rules or regulations as enforced by the show hosting the qualifier.

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