7th International High Rise/Tall Building Fire Safety Conference

7th International High Rise/Tall Building Fire Safety Conference

The 'Go To' High Rise / Tall Building Conference for 2022

Tuesday May 17th – Thursday May 19th 2022 – Doors open at 9:45am
ExCel London

Event description

7th International High Rise/Tall Building Fire Safety Conference will focus on Innovation and Solutions

As the International Fire Industry comes to terms with the serious Tall Building Fires that have occurred in recent times, there is a need to consider how we can improve and enhance the current processes and equipment used for Tall Building Fire Safety and Firefighting.

The 7th International High Rise/Tall Building Fire Safety Conference will take place on 17–19 May 2022 at Excel, London alongside the FIREX International Exhibition, supported by organisers Informa.

Day 1: Fire Engineering, Fire Testing, Fire Science in High Rise/Tall Buildings

Tuesday 17th May 2022

Chairperson: Gary Strong (RICS)

10:00 Official opening – VIP TBC

10:10 Keynote 1 – Brian Meacham: Decade of Fire Safety

10:50 Presentation 1 – Maria Peacock: Fire Dynamics in Tall Buildings

11:20 Presentation 2 -  Prof. Guillermo Rein: Facades

11:50 Presentation 3 – Helen Massey: Facades

12:20 Presentation 4 – Abhishek Chhabra: Facades

Chairperson: Karl Wallasch (Trigon Fire Safety & SFPE UK Chapter)

14:00 Keynote 2 – Fredrik Hiort: Using BIM in Fire Engineering

14:40 Presentation 5 – Beth Tubbs:
Tall Building Fire Safety Post 9/11 and Looking to the Future

15:10 Presentation 6 – Jim Glocking: Tall Timber and Insurance        

15:40 Presentation 7 - Chris Jelenewicz: Tall Building Code

16:10 The ‘Single Stair’ Debate: 

Day 2: Fire Risk Management, Insurance, Construction in High Rise/Tall Buildings

Wednesday 18th May 2022

Chairperson: Andy Frankum

10:00 Official opening – Peter Baker (HSE) TBC

10:10 Keynote 3 – UCLAN Research output Jim Fowler

10:50 Presentation 9 – Uni of Leeds Research output Stuart Hodkinson, Andy Turner, Phil Murphy

11:20 Presentation 10 – Nigel Deacon: Waste Management

11:50 Presentation 11 -  Andy Scott: Fire Detection

12:20 Presentation 12 – Smoke Control Assoc: Smoke control in Tall Buildings

12:50 Tenants Perspective - Danielle Gregory/Elizabeth Lowe: Tower Blocks UK

Chairperson: Andrew Bulmer IRPM

14:00 Keynote 4 – Anthony Taylor: Building Safety Alliance

14:40 Presentation 13 – Chris Chesnell: Building Safety Case/Golden Thread development

15:10 Presentation 14 – TBC        

15:40 Presentation 15 – Annie Panteli:
“The 22 Bishopsgate Experience – Mobilising Fire Safety”

16:10 The ‘Stay Put’ Debate

Day 3: Firefighting in High Rise/Tall Buildings

Thursday 19th May 2022

Chairperson: John Roberts NFCC TBC

09:45 Delegate to be seated for conference

09:50 Housekeeping announcement

10:00 Official opening – VIP TBC

10:10 Keynote 5 – Brent Books: Cutting Edge High Rise Firefighting

10:50 Presentation 17 - PEEPS

11:20 Presentation 18 – Smoke Hoods

11:50 Presentation 19 – Paul Speight, Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service &
                                     Alex Harvey, RIVR

12:20 Presentation 20 – Electric cars

Chairperson: John Esposito FDNY (TBC)

14:00 Keynote 6 – Dr. Michael Reick: Smoke Control in High Rise Fires

14:40 Presentation 21 Adam Course: High Rise Firefighter Safety

15:20 Presentation 22 Gerard Mann: Establishing a High Rise Fire Response Programme   

15:50 Presentation 23 Peter McBride: Wind driven fires

16:10 The ‘BA above the Fire’ Debate

Speakers from Canada, Germany, US and Australia are already confirmed for the conference:

Conference Director Russ Timpson commented, “This conference will be the first chance after 'lockdown' to meet and network with High Rise/Tall Building Fire Safety Colleagues from around the World. The Tall Building debate continues across so many elements of the challenge from design, construction, testing, commissioning and management. Not forgetting high rise firefighting when things go wrong”.

All delegate will also get VIP access to FIREX and associated exhibitions.

An archive of previous conference presentations can be found at www.tallbuildingfiresafety.com
More details of FIREX 2022 can be found at link:  FIREX International | Europe's Leading Annual Fire Safety Event

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