Junction 16 Racing Winter Series 22/23

Junction 16 Racing Winter Series 22/23

Saturday, 18th February 2023 – Doors open at 8:00am
Daventry Leisure Centre

Terms & Conditions for Junction 16 Racing Winter Series 22/23

The control tyre for these events will be the Schumacher yellow cactus on the rear axle.

The sale of tickets will end 48 hours before the start of the event. 

All competitors and all marshals at BRCA events and at all BRCA Affiliated Club events and any other event organised by said organisations must be BRCA members. It is permitted for potential new members to ‘visit’ affiliated clubs, for club events only, on three occasions before BRCA membership is required. This Winter Series is not a club event.

It is an accepted part of Radio Controlled (RC) model vehicle racing that models differ from full size vehicles in that the operator is remote from the vehicle and the operator looks at the RC vehicle and does not see the potential view from it. It is the Marshals responsibility to ensure their own protection before leaving their designated marshals post to assist a RC vehicle. All marshals must wear “Hi Viz” vests/bibs/jackets. The Marshals must wear this apparel correctly. It is part of the race organiser’s role to determine, to their best ability, a safe marshalling point for you. However it is every marshal’s responsibility to report to race control if they feel that their post is inadequately protected.

Competitors MUST consider the safety of marshals, spectators, and other drivers at all times.  No car shall be constructed or used so as to be dangerous to persons.  All cars must have a positive means of stopping fitted and working.  All members must comply with instructions and recommendations issued by product manufacturers, subject to any further restrictions in any BRCA rules. 
In the interest of safety, any battery pack(s) carried on a model car must be able to be disconnected quickly without the use of tools in an emergency.  Direct soldering is not allowed. All Lithium based drive batteries must be in a ‘closed’ LiPo sack when being charged or discharged. This applies to any discharging procedures, except during a race or when using organiser supplied resistors to correct voltage.

All Lithium based ‘drive’ batteries used in ALL Sections must have a hard, protective case that completely envelopes the cell(s).  The case should be made from ABS or a similar strength material.  The two halves of the case must be factory sealed in a way that any attempt to open the case will destroy the case.  The only opening in the case that is allowed; is for exit wires or ‘pin type’ connectors. Lithium based batteries that are used for powering; receivers, servos or other devices, that have a capacity exceeding 10Wh., must have a ‘hard case’ (as detailed above) or must be totally enclosed within an equally strong casing that is within the original design of the car, that prevents any accidental damage to the battery during racing or maintenance.

Any driver, representative, mechanic or friend of a driver found to be under the influence of drink or drugs or behaving abusively will be expelled from the meeting (a meeting may be one or more days and consist of more than one event/class).

No refunds within 7 days of the event. 

Booking for this event is also subject to the LIVE IT Terms and Conditions

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