2022 Club Champs: Round 5 - MTB Race and Skills

2022 Club Champs: Round 5 - MTB Race and Skills

Saturday, 12th November 2022 at 8:30am – Doors open at 8:00am
Hillingdon Cycle Circuit


Riders need to ensure enough time is allocated for sign on, bike collection (if using a club MTB bike), fitting your transponder and number board, and getting to the start line on time. Not that there are no gear checks for mountain bike races. Please make sure you are clear on the time slots and what to expect, and parents do kindly pass this information onto our members – they are the ones who need to know what is happening!


Course Setup: 7am – 9.30am

Volunteers helping with course setup please meet in clubhouse as soon as you arrive and you’ll be directed to where we need you. There is plenty to do!

Sign On. ALL AGES – 08:45 – 09:25

Ready for Briefing at 9.35am

Group Briefing, Warm-Up and Course Recon

All ages to meet at the Judge’s Hut for a briefing to discuss both MTB Races AND Skills Challenge events



Allow enough time to get signed on, fit a transponder and number board, do at least 1 recon lap of the course, and get to the start line at the judges hut. Plan accordingly to avoid stress before your race.

Make your way to the judges hut at the apron in good time so you are fully briefed on the rules for MTB.

Riding up will NOT be permitted. If you’d like to understand why, read this

Be absolutely clear on permissible bikes and equipment – follow this link here for more.

All transponders must be returned immediately after your race.

There are NO other activities other than Club Champs happening.

Provisional results will be posted as soon as possible. Please don’t distract the time keepers!


Make sure you are well fed and watered before the session, dressed accordingly for the weather, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Club Champs – Mountain Bike Races Event

MTB Races (I): U6 / U8/ – Boys and Girls
Short Course

  • Under 8 (Green) – 4 laps, 25 mins
  • Under 6 (Blue) – 2 laps, 15 mins

Start-Line: 9.55am
Race Start: 10am

MTB Races (II): U10/ U12– Boys and Girls
Long Course 

  • Under 12 (Orange) – 3 laps, 45 mins
  • Under 10 (Red) – 2 laps, 30 mins

Start-Line: 10.25am
Race Start: 10.30am

MTB Races (III): U14 / U16 – Boys and Girls
Long Course 

  • Under 16 (White) – 5 laps, 50 mins
  • Under 14 (Yellow) – 4 laps, 45 mins
Start-Line: 11:10am
Race Start: 11:15am

Club Champs – Skills Challenge Event

Skills Stations – Main Circuit Straight Towards Start Line

  • Station 1: U16 (White) / U14 (Yellow) / U12 (Orange)
  • Station 2: U6 (Blue) / U8 (Green) U10 (Red)
10.30am – 12pm


  • Return your transponder – if you are using a Club mountain bike, be sure to remove this and bring back to the clubhouse.
  • Do not come into the clubhouse with muddy shoes or kit. We’re hoping for a mud free session, but regardless we ask you to dust yourself off outside and make sure you don’t leave a trail of mess behind you. Bring a few bin bags along to put any muddy shoes and kit into, and remember the spare clothes to change into.
  • If you use the change-rooms ensure you clean up any mess you may make. A bin liner makes an ideal personal changing area – just stand on it when you get changed, and leave your muddy kit inside it. That way you keep floors clean and can put the dirty kit in your bag keeping that clean too!

Dismantle Course & Clear Up – 12pm

The circuit is in use after our event for adult races and we would be grateful for parent volunteers to help with the clear up and collection of stakes and tape from the grounds. The more helpers we have, the sooner we all get to go home!

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