Off Grid Festival 2017

Off Grid Festival 2017

Another World is Possible: Be Part of the Story

Thursday August 10th – Sunday August 13th 2017

Terms & Conditions for Off Grid Festival 2017

Site Guidelines

Admission - Gates will be shut between 9pm and 9am with no exceptions. Please arrive on time. Activities start from 4pm Thursday afternoon.

Closure - The event ends at 2300hrs on Sunday August 13th. Guests can remain overnight in tents and live-in vehicles. All attendees must be offsite by 12pm on Monday August 14th.

Please Do Bring: 

- Love

- Kindness

- Joy

- Your Knowledge and Wisdom

- An Open Mind

- An Open Heart

- Generosity

Please Don’t Bring without asking: 

- Dogs or Other Animals: Limited dog tickets now available. See bottom of T&Cs.

Please Don’t Bring: 

- Drugs. We cannot tolerate drugs on site. This includes nitrous oxide and other previously 'legal highs'. Off Grid is a learning and family-focused event. 

- Alcohol: Alcohol can only be sold through licensed vendors. Purchasing alcohol from the onsite bar supports the event. 

- Generators. No generators will be allowed on site. Anybody found carrying a generator will have it impounded .

- Sound Systems. No unauthorised sound systems. These will be impounded at the gate.

- Glass Bottles. For obvious safety reasons these are not allowed on site.

2016 Other Information: NEW T&Cs to follow soon for 2017

- Food and Drink: All food and drink purchasable on site is at least 75% organic. Please buy meal tickets in advance via our ticket agents/website. These provide 10 meals for £44 starting on Thursday evening from one of our site canteens. Other food and drink will also be available. We encourage the use of natural products at all time. You must not use chemical shampoos and soaps in the showers or wash basins – All waste water runs onto the land, which offer an ecosystem that would be damaged by use of chemical hygiene products. Bringing your own food is permitted.

 - Camping and Fire Safety: Due to fire safety regulations tents cannot be erected next to vehicles. Camper Vans and tents must be sited in the appropriate areas. There are designated fire braziers in the camping field, please do not make your own! If the weather is cold we will provide more braziers for extra warmth. Fire Points will be clearly visible and supplied with buckets and water.

General: Disorderly behaviour on site will not be tolerated. Please respect the privacy and peace of others attending the event. Please stay within the boundaries of the festival and do not stray onto land that is not within the festival site. There are plenty of toilets and Urinals on site. Please do not use the hedges or ditches as a toilet!! Areas that are signed and fenced are out of bounds to the public. Please take care around the brook and other bodies of water – especially with small children. Some fences are electric (these are marked) DO NOT TOUCH!

Lost Children: All lost children (once found) will be taken to the Information Point. Please report a lost child immediately to a steward or a member of the Medical Welfare Team or Children’s Area.

Personal Security: Please do not leave valuables in your vehicles. Don’t forget to lock up! Watch over the tents of your friends and neighbours as well as your own! Off Grid is a safe, friendly environment, but it pays to remain aware - We think of this as community self-responsibility!

 First Aid and Welfare: The First Aid facilities are marked on the site map, but are fairly basic. In the case of a more serious condition please speak immediately to the nearest steward or security member. They will call for First Aid immediately. Welfare facilities are marked on the map. They are there for the benefit of all, please do not hesitate to visit them for counselling, comfort or just a hot cup of tea. 

Recycling: All attendees of the event are encouraged to recycle their waste where possible. Please take all recyclable waste from your campsite to the nearest bin collection point, rather than leaving where it is (better yet, take it home!) This includes paper, plastic bottles, cardboard and metals. Please pick up any litter you see. Have fun, walk lightly and be inspired!

Conditions of Entry

·       All persons arriving with a vehicle must park on site in the designated areas. Anybody who does not is liable to have their vehicle removed.

·       Anybody who it is considered may have parked outside the site could be refused entry. Anybody arriving on foot may be refused entry if considered to have parked off-site.

·       We have the right to search anybody as a condition of entry to our event. Anybody refusing a search will be evicted from site. There is a no return policy on those refusing searches. Amnesty boxes are positioned to allow attendees to voluntarily surrender illegal drugs.

·       We have the right to confiscate large quantities of alcohol. Attendees may only bring a small amount of alcohol for personal consumption.

·       Any parent of a minor suspected of consumption of alcohol is liable for eviction. Any parent or guardian of a minor suspected of committing or planning to commit an act of crime or anti-social behaviour will be evicted along with those in their care.

·       We have the right to confiscate PAs, generators, glass and other banned articles. All illegal substances and articles are banned from site.

·       The organisers reserve the right to change the bill without prior notification

·       Persons and vehicles suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities on site will be searched and subject to eviction.

·       Lost wristbands cannot be replaced. Anybody found without a wristband is liable to be evicted.

·       Anybody entering the site is liable to be spot-checked and their wristband scanned for an identity check at any point.

·       Anybody found to be wearing a wristband that has been tampered with will be immediately evicted by security staff.

·       The organisers reserve the right to evict anybody they feel is in contravention of site rules, licensing conditions or the event eviction policy.

·       The organisers cannot be held responsible for damages to persons or property however caused. Their ruling on all matters is final.

·       Attendees are required to treat others with courtesy and respect.

·       Anybody entering site on a ticket, crew pass or guest list is liable to be filmed and this film used for commercial purposes at the discretion of the event organisers. This also applies to photographic and audio recordings.

Saying all this, Off Grid is a fun, friendly, safe environment to enjoy yourself in. We want you to feel welcome at this beautiful little event. Act as you would want to experience others acting, and all will be well.


Dog Tickets: Terms & Conditions

Only a very limited number of dogs are permitted onto the festival site. Your dog will not be allowed onto the site without a dog ticket. Please only buy a dog ticket if you really have no option to have your dog looked after elsewhere. No more than two dogs per owner.

Members of crew will also need a ticket. 

Personal assistance dogs (guide dogs) will need to arrange with us in advance. Registered trained assistance dogs will not need to pay for a ticket.

If you want a dog ticket you will need to send an email to explain why you need to you cannot make arrangements for care elsewhere and why you need to bring your dog with you. 

Dog tickets (£75) include a £35 returnable ‘good behaviour’ bond.

  • No liability attaches to the festival or any of its members for any action by a dog or its owner and by bringing your dog into the festival grounds you acknowledge your responsibility and liability for its actions.If you are requested by any of the stewards or security personnel to better control your dog back please do so.

Expected behaviour of dog owners at the festival:
  • Keep your dog on a lead and under control, with a responsible adult holding the lead, at all times in both public and crew areas of the festival site. There are designated areas around the edges of the site, where people can walk with their dogs. 

  • Pick up your dog’s mess. There will be scoop bags available at the Info Tent. Dispose of these bags in the designated dog poo bin.

  • Pay attention to the needs of your dog and other festival-goers. Please be respectful and make sure your dog is not barking excessively. Some venues may prefer not to admit dogs; some people are afraid of dogs: please respect this. Be aware that not everyone loves your dog as much as you do!

  • Liaise with our Info Tent and notify the nearest steward if you witness a stray dog or a dog under insufficient control on the site.

  • Dogs must be kept within the designated boundaries of the festival

  • Dog identification will need to be worn at all times. Dogs and their owners will be photographed for easy identification during the festival. These photos will be deleted after the festival has ended.

Behaviour which will result in forfeit of deposit:

  • Owner allowing a dog to wander loose around the festival site.

  • Owner not responsibly disposing of their dog’s mess.

  • Owner not looking after their dog, resulting in festival crew having to manage the dog.


Behaviour which may result in removal from the festival:

  • We would like to remind you that dogs should be kept on a lead at all times. Any naughty dogs (or owners!) will be asked to leave, so make sure you look after them responsibly. 
  • Anybody with a dog considered by the security personnel to be a nuisance to other people on the festival site, may be asked to leave the site and refused permission to re-enter, unless they have made arrangements for the dog to be looked after outside of the festival site.

Off Grid Festival will not admit dogs so designated in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. In the unlikely event of injury or damage being caused by a dog, this will be the liability of the owner. Off Grid Festival reserves the right to ask for the removal of any ‘Out of Control’ dog from the event site.

Your dog will be deemed ‘Out of Control’ if it: injures someone; injures someone’s animal; makes someone worried that it might injure them; or makes someone worried that your dog might injure them if they try to stop it attacking their animal.

Thanks for reading, we hope you understand the need for these rules to ensure the safety and comfort of all festival-goers and the continuance of good relationships with the site owner and the livestock that is living on the site. We hope you and your dog have a great festival.

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